viernes, 3 de octubre de 2014

The sweet world of spinning

The wonderful world of fishing in freshwater with lure, It has its positive side when things are well done. Nature has done its job, creating life in rivers, lakes and swamps. A multitude of species of great beauty by its morphology and colors, always surprises us.

And you, has done well his work when he captured one of these species?? Nature has left us a treasure to enjoy fishing and this joy becomes something special when we photograph a trout, a salmon or any other fish with affection and respect. Isn't it normal? I think that if...
The sweet world of spinning
All who love the responsible fisheries know of its importance. A good example is this collection of photographs taken by people who know what it does. Simple people of the planet DUO.

I invite you to see this collection and listening to the musical theme "backstrokin' of the Plan B group. The song Plan B Backstrokin, was launched on 01-03-2012 which belongs to the album Backstrokin in the corresponding gender with 04:52 minutes duration.

Dear friends, fishing and photography created art. Is the topic beyond "look what I have captured".

Simply doing things well and with art, wins responsible fishing.

Thank you and see you soon.